What is required for my spouse to work in Mexico?

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What is required for my spouse to work in Mexico?

If you are not Mexican you are not allowed to work in the country unless you have the appropriate documentation filled out and the government’s authorization.

First of all, you need to have a job offer and consider preparing the following paperwork :

Documentation Presentation
Temporary resident card. Original
Fee payment voucher. Original
Job offer that indicates the activities to be performed, workplace, amount of time and the certificate of registration of the employer. Original
In case of performing an independent activity, attach a written oath describing the occupation and place where the activities will be performed. Original
Immigration process request form with handwritten signature. Original

The cost for this permit is $2,700 Mexican pesos which can be paid directly on their website (https://www.gob.mx/tramites/ficha/permiso-a-extranjeros-residentes-temporales-y-temporales-estudiantes-para-trabajar-en-mexico/INM795) where you can also download the forms. The procedure consists in filling out the required information online, then go to the nearest Immigration office with the corresponding documentation.

It is very likely that an immigration authority visits your house and even the company that is offering the job, so keep in mind that the resolution lapse will be of approximately 20 to 25 working days, within this period of time you will receive a notification saying if it was approved or not.

Be patient, keep a couple of copies of any document you give away and also be aware of the expiration date of the permit because you will have to renovate it on time, otherwise the spouse will be deported within the next 30 natural days.

Hopefully these tips can make your Migratory process smoother. Let Expatpoint Services take care of your relocation, while you are taking care of your professional opportunities. contact@expatpoint.mx to make sure your move is as organized and stress-free as possible.

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