Where to buy imported food in Mexico City?

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19 June, 2019
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Where to buy imported food in Mexico City?

Moving to a foreign country is not easy, but what can make it bearable is food, as you can feel less homesick having your favorite meal.

Also, food lovers are always looking for ingredients from all over the world to expand the range of flavors of their dishes or simply to delight their palate and that of their guests.

The following are some sites where you can find imported food in Mexico City:

  1. Superman: This chain store offers imported groceries and beverages in ailes as well as online.
  2. La Comer: Their stock features a gourmet and imported goods section which delivers ranges of fancy and foreign food and drinks.
  3. City Market: Owned by La Comer, is an up-scale gourmet purveyor can be the answer to a lot of your cravings, because they have a lot of products from all over the world.
  4. La Europea: A supplier of imported goods that has a comprehensive choice of wines, liquors, and gourmet products.
  5. Costco and Sam´s Club: These two “Members Only” emporiums require you to purchase an annual membership, but they offer a wide variety of imported food and drinks.
  6. Amart: is primarily vendor of Asian goods, though there doesn’t seem to be a specific ethnic focus. There are plenty of items that could be attributed to Japan, China, Korea, and Vietnam. (Rio Tiber 71, Colonia Cuauhtémoc)
  7. Koreantown Market: Locals say is one of their favorite shops to find everything they need for a homecooked dish. (Hamburgo 274)
  8. El Secreto Gourmet: If there is an important festivity coming up, you will be able to find everything to prepare a proper meal for the occasion. (Héroes de Padierna 132) You can also shop online on www.deliciasimportadas.com and www.japonshop.com.

Being able to continue to delight from your favorite groceries will be a piece of cake, as in any of these stores you will be able to find from luxury food and spices to simple snacks that will make you feel at home.