Where to adopt pets in Mexico City

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Where to adopt pets in Mexico City

 Where to adopt pets in Mexico City    



Many people like the company of a pet, but sometimes they are not aware that these beings need essential care such as affection, enough space to move, a clean habitat, vaccinations to prevent any illness, appropriate food and going for daily walks in order to interact with other animals and other people. For example, cats need a sandbox, somewhere to sharpen their nails and brushing among other things.

Surprisingly, there are some who believe that pets can be deprived of such responsibility or that complying with the minimum is enough. It is also very important that every member of a family agrees to the new addition when they decide to buy/adopt or accept them as a gift, as they may be allergic, afraid of animals, dislike their smell or any other reason, causing the pet to live in a hostile environment and eventually end up being abandoned or abused.

Fortunately, nowadays there are a lot of people interested in protecting animals by creating centers in order to place them in loving homes so they have a completely different life than the one they had before being rescued. This is why is so important that their new owners are completely honest to the questions asked during the adoption process. The following list contains some places that are dedicated to these means:

A non-profit organization by a group of volunteers united by their love for animals and the conviction that together we can do a lot for them.

Its mission is to transform the culture of destruction, abuse, and neglect, into one of affection, care and respect for animal life.

Dedicated to promoting the adoption of stray animals and the good care and health of pets.