The Christmas “Aguinaldo” in Mexico

19 December, 2018
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19 December, 2018
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The Christmas “Aguinaldo” in Mexico

Christmas bonus is an amount of money given by companies to employees in the public or private sector to face end-of-year expenses such as Holiday vacations and gifts.

Originally this benefit was only a reward that the employer gave voluntarily to workers as celebration, but since 1970 it was established as obligatory for companies. It is given to employees in addition to their salary.

The payment of the bonus must be done before December 20th and it must be equivalent to 15 days wage, corresponding to one working year. If employees have not worked for that long, they must receive what corresponds to their working time.

Christmas bonus is considered as an income for the worker, so it is subject to payment of IRS. It can only be discounted in advance on account of such remuneration. It is an inalienable right and it is independent of other benefits.

The form of payment of the bonus must be in the legal tender and the penalty for default is a fine of 3 to 315 times the minimum wage, when the employer does not pay on time or does for a period less than 15 days of salary established.

Employees who end their relationship with the company prior to the payment deadline will receive the proportional portion of the bonus according to the time they have worked in the calendar year.

On the other hand, those who work in the same firm for a whole year, must take the amount of their nominal wage, multiply it by the number of days that their company gives the bonus, and the result will be the amount they are entitled to receive.

There is a tradition of giving Christmas bonuses to the workers such as postmen, sweepers, housekeepers, drivers, deliverymen, cash or kind. Some of them go from house to house collecting their gifts or leave an envelope in order for their landlords to return it with some money in it.