Torre Latino Americana

19 June, 2019

Mexican Flowers

Mexico is a country with immense biodiversity. Our flora deserves great recognition, as many species were born here. The following are just some flowers that flourish […]
29 April, 2019

Dia de la Madre

For the past 95 years, Mother’s Day has been celebrated in Mexico on May 10th. It All began on April 13, 1922 with a nationwide call […]
13 April, 2019

Wine from San Luis Potosi

In addition to offering great tourist attractions such as the architecture of its Capital City, ecological tourism in Huasteca and the Magic Towns of Xilitla and […]
19 March, 2019

Mexican Crafts in Tlaquepaque

If you go to Guadalajara, Jalisco do not miss the chance to visit the beautiful Magical Town of Tlaquepaque as is one of the most important […]
20 February, 2019

Mexican famous writers

 Mexican famous writers   Mexico offers the world not only great cuisine and great travelling, but also top-quality artists such as writers who have made an […]
20 February, 2019

Mexican famous artists

 Mexican famous artists Mexico is known not only for its wonderful climate and great gastronomic richness, but also for being the hotbed of great artists who […]
19 December, 2018

“Altar de Muertos”

In 2003, UNESCO considered Day of the Dead (November 1 and 2) as oral and intangible heritage of humanity. The origin of this festivity is pre-Hispanic. […]
19 December, 2018


In Mexico, during Christmas season, in schools, kermesses, family gatherings and even in some social events, small plays which main characters are the shepherd of Bethlehem […]
16 September, 2018

Casa Reyna – Puebla

Chiles en Nogada season has arrived and what better place to taste them than Puebla, the state of the Mexican Republic where this dish was invented […]
15 August, 2018

Top Delicacies in San Luis Potosi

San Luis Potosi is a state that in addition to having emblematic places to visit, has a varied climate and vast lands that give rise to […]
9 July, 2018

Mexican muralists

Mexican muralism is one of the most recognized artistic movements in the world. This trend originated during Mexican Revolution in 1910, refreshing art, making it communicative, […]
19 June, 2018

Aguas frescas

Among non-alcoholic Mexican beverages are “aguas frescas” (fresh waters) also called “aguas de sabor” (flavored waters). The colorful glass barrels where they are kept are a […]
14 May, 2018

Mexican Coffee

A good cup of coffee is always satisfying, particularly when it comes to quality and good taste. Therefore, it is known that the Coffe produced in […]
18 April, 2018

Where to Buy a Good “Rebozo”

The “rebozo” is a feminine garment which length varies between 1.5 and 3 meters and width can go from 1 to 1.5 meters. It is also […]
12 March, 2018

Cuernavaca – The City of Eternal Spring

Cuernavaca is the ideal place where you would love to spend your weekend at, as it is known as the “City of Eternal Spring” in light […]