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If you plan to travel to Puerto Escondido, you will probably book a trip to visit its beautiful beaches where you can practice or watch surf (the truth is that both options are magnificent). Perhaps if you like the idea of nudity, there are beaches where you’ll see men and women of all ages walking around without any inhibition which is not frowned upon, or maybe you simply want to enjoy the exquisite dishes that the region has to offer.

Aside from the above, in Manialtepec Lagoon you can experience the amazing spectacle of bioluminescence, which reaches its peak during rainy months that fluctuate from August to December. You can get there on your own or take a cab, but there are also tours that pick you up at your hotel. You have to arrive late at night in order to witness the majestic mangroves, but it will only takes 15 minutes to get to the site where you embark on a collective boat.

The show starts when the watercraft enters the lagoon and you notice that all around is pitch black, but when the oar touches the water, it automatically illuminates, as if it has a halo of light. This is due to the large amount of microorganisms called plankton that are trapped in the lagoon that when in contact with any external object, they emit light as a “defense”.

The great thing about this tour is that you can either remain on the boat or immerse yourself in the water, wearing a life vest of course. The guide will recommend you the most suitable part to do so, where you can fearlessly move your whole body and marvel watching the light that remains impregnated throughout your being. The time you will spend in this amazing place will be enough to leave this incredible experience etched in your memory forever.

1 January, 2018

Getaway – Bioluminescence in Oaxaca

Each year, between November and March, monarch butterflies find the ideal conditions to develop and mate in Mexican forests