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Start up a Business in México

Mexico welcomes expat entrepreneurs so why not start businesses here. Whichever you work at something you were doing before or turn a hobby into a money-making activity, there are a number of areas you should consider:

1.Viability of your business plan: Dreams are seldom fulfilled without a plan. A Business Coach helps creating a structured and realistic plan to move ahead. He also ensures that all your decisions are based upon facts and figures.

2. Update your Migratory Status: You will need to obtain the appropriate visa or work permit, so you can work in your new business. Specific requirements can vary depending on what kind of project you plan to start.

3. Legal Requirements: Ensure that your proposition can be a success whilst remaining within the legal requirements. Another important step is to register the business at the Federal Taxpayer's Registry.

4. Marketing: Consider strategies in marketing, covering a range of aspects, including advertising, public relations, sales, and promotions.

5. Taxation: An accountant will help with local taxation to ensure that you pay the right amounts of money to the authorities at the right time.

6. Starting a company will be challenging, but do not let this overwhelm you. ExpatPoint is ready to support you on your road to potential success. Thousands of expats have successfully set up a business in Mexico. Why not you?

For further information on our “Get Started – Business Start Up Service” or contact@meetpoint.com.mx.

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