Special Announcements for Expats

Our Special Announcements for Expats will keep you informed of special events while living in Mexico.

Ten years ago around this time, we started as a little Company with big hopes and dreams of giving our sisters & brothers from other countries who will be coming to live to Mexico the best experiences and memories of their stay in this beautiful country.

The road, as everything in life, has had its highs and lows, but we have never changed our wishes to make the most of the experience of living in Mexico for our beloved Expats and the Companies who entrusted us their services. Giving you all the warmth that Mexico can give, we have grown as a family with everyone involved in this process and now, with around 600 services completed, we want to say:

Thanks to each one of you who made this posible, we’ll keep getting better so you can always have the best of all our services in the present and in the future.

We want to hear from you! contact@expatpoint.mx
As of the recent circumstances that happened because of the Earthquakes within Mexico in September,

the ExpatPoint team wants to thank all of the support from our friends inside and outside the country.

This brotherhood reflects, that we are not alone during difficult times and that we will keep on working hard to continue strengthening our bonds with the expat community.

Thank you!

Expat in Mexico

Living as an expat in any place of the world is an enhancing experience and an exiting adventure as Frances Hodgson, a famous british writer, says: “If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden”.

Is very common to run into expats here in Mexico, either visiting, in business trips or even living here thanks to their occupation, likewise we see a lot of European, American, Canadian people who have chosen Mexico as their retirement accommodation.

No doubt about, Mexico is a country that offers every little thing to make your living experience cosier, in such way that thousands of people who only come to visit, decide to stay permanently.


Mexicans are warmhearted people who always have their “doors open” for anyone, they welcome expats in a very friendly way with their everyday phrase “mi casa es su casa” which means “my house is your house”. They will easily open the doors of their house for new people, who quickly become friends and make them feel at home.


Therefore, whatever is the reason for visiting Mexico, it will doubtlessly become one of your favorite destinations, with its multicultural and colorful sites, which extend an invitation to always come back and make their proverbs your own, to which one of the most popular is: ¡Como México no hay dos! (There are not two as Mexico!!).

Cover Expatpoint Survive Guide Contest 2017-2018!

Theme: IN LOVE WITH MEXICO We would very much like to flashlight all kinds of joyful scenes that take place in the beautiful country of Mexico. See, capture, and send us a unique shot on the theme ‘In Love with Mexico’. What story would you like to describe? Please join in for this awesome Expatpoint Survive Guide Contest. The world is waiting to share your unique visual experiences about Mexico. Believe in your great potential of photography and pass on your personal stories to other Expats settling in Mexico. The contest will be from May 15th to June 15th. Moreover, on June 30th winners will be announced through the official Facebook page (f: Expatpoint - Relocation Services). Have your photo seen by thousands of people on the Expat Survival Guide 2nd Edition front cover, and in addition to this, you will receive a special price too.
  1. All photographs received prior to the end of the contest will be participating.
  2. We will receive one photograph per person.
  3. The contest will last a month, from May 15th to June 15th. On June 30th winners will be announced through the official Facebook page (f: Expatpoint - Relocation Services). Additionally, the winners will be notified by mail.
  4. Photographs must be unique and original.
  5. All categories in photography will accept entries from any digital device, including smartphones.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to use any type on digital enhancement to the photograph.
  7. All participants must send their photograph
    • in JPG format brenda.solorzano@expatpoint.com.mx.
    • In the subject of the e-mail you should enter “Photo Contest”.
    • In the text of the e-mail you should enter:
    • Pseudonym:
    • Name:
    • Current Address:
    • Country of Birth:
    • E-mail address:
    • Title of picture:
    • Picture category:
    • Camera used:
    • Location where picture was taken:
    • No logos, copyrights, names, dates, text or borders on the image.
    • The JPEG files should be saved at the highest quality (least compression). We require the correct quality for the reproduction and distribution.
  • All entries will be presented to the jury anonymously using the photographers’ pseudonym. The photographer’s name is never displayed while voting, so each photo is judged on its own merit. Every photo is given equal opportunity to be voted on. It is displayed the same number of times to the electors as any other.
  • Once you send your photograph, you automatically relinquish all author´s rights and provide Expat Point Relocation Services the authorization to publish and distribute the photograph in any way.
  • If you do not comply with these previous established conditions, you will be automatically disqualified, it is also forbidden to send a photograph that has been previously awarded or is participating in other contests. We will disqualify any photograph with offensive or discriminatory intention.
  • A Jury will determine the winners by majority of votes and the decision will be irrevocable. Anything that is not mentioned in the conditions will be reviewed directly by them.
  • Jury will be composed of 8 members: 5 expats living in Mexico, 3 professional photographers. The best 5 photos will also be presented to the public via Facebook. The photo that receives the most likes, will receive the public award.
  • Jury members’ profile will be available on Expatpoint Facebook and website page.
  • Full name of all participants will be revealed by June 30th.
  • The first three winners will receive the following prizes:
    1.   ONE: First place winning photo will be published on the cover of the Expat Survival Guide 2017-2018. Spa day for two at Liverpool SPA or similar. One day for two people.
    2. ONE: Second place winning photo will be published on the back cover of the Expat Survival Guide 2017-2018. One day tour for two people to any wonderful “Pueblo mágico” of Mexico, weekend tours departing from Mexico City, service provided by Mex Inca.
    3. THREE: Third places winning photo will be published on the Expat Survival Guide 2017-2018. Priced Mexican Wine bottle. In case the winner does not live in Mexico City, we will award them with a similar price available in their city.

Introducing little Mepot to the world.

Mepot is a very unique and happy alien, this is why he is friends with every little alien in his little unique planet; however, one day his curiosity took him to another stage, and he began thinking of the possibility to go beyond every place he already knew, to explore new planets, get to know them and make new friends as well. Although he already had everything he needed for his new adventure he still had some doubts, for instance; where would he arrive? What would he do there? And whom to go to in case he needed anything? In other words, being far away from home would make him feel not only insecure but also afraid. 

Thinking about all this, was almost enough for him to give up on all the plans he had already made to explore new planets. He thought it would be very risky and wouldn´t obtain any benefits, plus he wasn´t sure about what planet to visit. When he was about to drop the idea for good, he found a friend who had visited Earth, so they talked about all kind of things he could find over there and the new adventures his friend had been through. This chat really helped Mepot to reconsider everything he had planned and make the decision to begin with his new voyage.


The journey was not easy at all, Mepot was not used to traveling abroad for such a long time and when he landed in Earth he became afraid again, but when he brought to mind his friend´s advice, his fears vanished and he allowed himself to get a kick out of his new adventure.


Nowadays Mepot has voyaged around the world to many countries such as, France, Brazil, Canada and currently he is in Mexico, where his main priority is to make the most out of each opportunity he has to get to know the country he is in.


Who would have thought that Mepot has been in Earth now for more than three years? And just as he overcame all his fears, he was able to make from this journey an unforgettable adventure. Therefore he has given himself the task to invite all his little friends to live the same awesome and great experience he has lived, but unlikely before, now that he knows how Earth functions, he will share with them all the info they need so they don´t have to go through everything he had to go through, and they just feast upon their stay in every country they visit.


New Facebook Page Announcement

As a response to globalization and the international market demands, in the last quarter of 2016, our brand evolved to become a more responsive and modern company.

To improve interaction with our customers and assignees, our social media has been revamped. While our core values were strengthened, our image was re-defined and our services were enhanced. Today we proudly announce a more structured and dynamic approach: we invite you all to follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/Expatpoint/ and benefit from useful information about immigration, Mexico and its culture, repatriation process, Expat Tips and more! Our mission is to ease and maximize, your experience in Mexico.