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Settling in – Cross-Cultural Support

Sometimes we try to achieve some goals like losing weight, finding a job, and improving relationships with others. We move forward towards our goal, but suddenly something happen and after a while we realize that we didn’t get what we wanted.

If this is not true, do you remember your last New Year Eve promises? How many of them were achieved?

Achieving our personal and professional goes harder when we move to live in a foreign country - this is a challenge even for those that had lived the experience before.

If you are having a hard time adapting yourself into a new situation or country you can find support from an Expat Life Coach.

Why to get an Expat Life Coach?

He will always believe in you, because the Coach knows that you are naturally creative and resourceful person.

The Coach it is not an expert in your life, YOU are, so he will trigger all the answers that are already inside you.

During Expat transitions many things start to change, including your emotions. The coach will help you seeking your best and to move forward.

The Coach will assist you to visualize clear goals and implement an action plan to achieve them.

The Coach will help you to discover your strengths to take advantage of them, and recognize your weakness to surpass them.

If you find yourself feeling completely overwhelmed with the cultural shock, the Coach will help you to deal with these negative emotions so you can move forward and enjoy your Expat life.

Avoid hidden agendas and start the main agenda, yours.

You will get the support to “reinvent yourself” into the best of yourself. Get closer to your dreams by using your skills to be happier.

“Coaching is an interactive process that helps individuals and organizations to develop more rapidly and produce more satisfying results. As result of coaching, clients set better goals, take more action, make better decisions and more fully use of their strengths”.
Helen Atridge
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New Home Sweet Home

Moving Services
Home Finding

Home Finding

Moving to another country is never easy from the moment the decision is made. Furthermore, the process of searching for right house is often converge exciting and nerve-racking emotions.

Understanding this situation, ExpatPoint provides advice and support to find the right place according to your needs and preferences. From one-bedroom apartments to fully furnished houses, our relocation consultants will help you look for that perfect home.

Our services:

<· Trough one central point of contact, ExpatPoint makes available to you several real estate solutions.

· We coordinate and negotiate with landlords and managers representing and promoting your interests.

Guarantee for our Services

We are prepared to react quickly, while we provide proficient solutions enabling you and your family to relocate with simplicity.

With our comprehensive house search and management programme, we aim to reduce stressful experiences and distractions in your life during the process.

We perfectly know that every home is unique as the people living there. Hence we perform as scrupulous search to guarantee the best accomplishment of your criteria.

We provide guidance to complete all related procedures.

We provide bilingual support ( if required).

Support with service contracts
Housekeeping and childcare

Housekeeping and Child Care

When you hire domestic employes with ExpatPoint, you can assure the most scrupulous and professional services available. Many options in Mexico are offered, but we stand out as the best and the most reliable.

Our services:

· Our services are available weekly, monthy or one-time

· We offer realiable and flexible scheduling.

· We provide domestic personnel according your requirements.

Guarantee for our Services

We send trusted, background checked staff to your home.

Our employees are qualified to perform their duties with the right balance between proficiency and cordiality.

We provide bilingual support ( if required) during the first day of service, so yu can explain what you want donde and how you want it done.

We provide continuously training to work successfully with expats.

All employee's taxes and insurance fees under Mexican law are paid by us.

Because your trust, security and complete satisfaction are our priority we are insured for your protection.

We want our expats to be entirely satisfied with the services we provide, we come back regularly to request their feedback.

Settling and Shopping Smartly

Shopping Smartly Tours

Shopping Smartly Tours Many options to shop are offered in Mexico, but comparison shopping is decisive to getting the best deal. Looking for all what you need to settle in can be costly, specially when you are new in town. ExpatPoint simplifies your first shopping experiences bu getting you to the most eligible and affordable alternatives.

Our services:

Deal Shopping Tour: Find out amazing savings and quality goods. this tour is specifically tailored for new expats in Mexico.

Recognize where to buy quality furniture and house goods at a good price

Find out great deals on electrical household appliences

Visit the largest wholesale supermarkets and shopping centers.

Get special discounts in any product you need for your house or personal needs (e.g. curtains, bedding, decorative accessories, rugs or kitchen and bath items).

Be familiar with gourmet shops and restaurants to buy food from your own country.

Identify the local grocery stores, restaurants, medical facilities and activities in your neighborhood

Premium Shopping Tour: A tailored made tour for those shoppers looking for original designs, brand-name goods and furniture, as well as specialty item or needs ( e.g. organic, kosher food, etc.).

Support buying vehicles

Support Buying Vehicles

Mexico is car country , one of the first things you will want to do once you are settled is get some transport. However, whether you buy a new or used car depends mostly on your circumstances.

ExpatPoint helps you find the right vehicle to suit your budget and requirements. Our experienced team compares price and quality to provide all the support you need to make the right decisions

Vehicles come mostly from other expats leaving Mexico, major manufacturers (Ford, Nissan and Peugeout) and professional motor dealers.

Our services:

Through one central point of contact, ExpatPoint saves you the time and effort of searching a vehicle.

We also handle all the paperwork matters such as vehicle registration, insurance, taxes, "tenencia" and provide support with your driving license.

Guarantee of our Services

We perform a scrupulous search to guarantee the best accomplishment of your criteria.

We area prepared to react quickly. ExpatPoint sources what you need using extensive commercial alliances to find what you need fast.

We make the whole process as simple and effective as possible. Our team is always pleased to answer all your questions in clear concise terms.

A vehicle can be a sensible purchase. With our comprehensive management programme, we aim to reduce stressful and bad experiences.

Furniture rental & second-hand goods
Home Maintenance and Interior Design Consultants
Support with Schools and extracurricular activities

Choosing an Appropriate School in Mexico

Families moving abroad often face the dilemma of finding the right school for an expatriate child. In Mexico There are plenty of good schools, quite a number of which are of high educational standard. Furthermore, a growing number of international schools exist specifically to serve the needs of expats.

How do you ensure that your kids get a good education? Here's some help on making that decision:

It is very important to move at the end of a school year, this will be far less disruptive for your child. If the move will last less than two years, international schools may be better suited for transient students.

Choosing a school will require a significant amount of research. The best way to get information is to schedule a visit with the principal. In addition, many schools have comprehensive web sites that provide information relating the quality of curriculum, available programs and facilities.

Trust word-of-mouth recommendations from Expat organizations to identify potential schools and concerns about waiting lists, school culture, location and traffic.

Find schools where the student body consists mainly of children in the same situation. International schools are used to receive new students every year from all over the world.

An educational program that may be perfect for some children may not be the right one for your child. You must also take into account your child's academic and social strengths and weaknesses.

Look for a school that is affiliated with your home country. This will ensures that if your child returns home, he/she can effortlessly re-enter your home education system.

Expat Point® Relocation Service Center offers a short-cut to avoid the very involving search for a good school for your children. Our educational advisors will provide you with in-depth knowledge about schools available in Mexico. School search may take a lot of time if you don't know where to start, let us lead you to the right starting point.

Driver's licence and related procedures
Support opening bank accounts

Being Safe and Responsible

Support with Mexican procedures.
First care medical services

Safety Tips

Like in almost every big city around the globe insecurity exists. Mexico City may be known for being an insecure city, however, most of vandalism and crime situations can be avoid if you are cautious. Here you can find some safety tips that can be useful to prevent or overcome unfortunate events.

Preventive actions

In a crowd, be aware of the people around you and pay attention to people trying to push you or invade your personal space. Also remember that most of the thieves work in pairs, so while one is distracting you the other one could try to rob you.

Use small denomination bills when buying something, especially with street vendors.

When traveling in a car keep the windows up and use the locks.

If you need to take out some money use ATMs inside shopping centers or malls.

Do not leave your personal belongings at sight in a car.

Be restrictive with your personal information on public social networks such Facebook Hi5, Myspace, etc. Be careful when publishing photos from your last trip, your new car, or properties you have.

Reactive actions

If you face a transgression, do not look directly to their eyes, and give them what they want.

Pay attention to what they demand and do exactly as they say.

Request them to be calmed and assure them that you will do everything they say, notify them every movement you will make.

Do not allow them to take you away, if this is the case; pretend an asthma attack or a faint.

Safety Tips whe travelling

Here you can find some safety tips that can be useful to prevent unfortunate events when traveling.

Avoid showing large amounts of money in public, instead, bring with you small amounts of money when possible.

Do not use flashy jewelry, or that looks too expensive.

Leave unnecessary credit cards, travelers checks and cash on your hotel’s safety box.

Carry photocopies of all your travel documents (passport, driver´s license, visa, credit cards, etc.) and leave the original ones in a safe place.

Secure your valuable objects on a safety box, if your hotel cannot provide you one put your valuables on your suitcase with a lock.

Do not leave your belongings like backpacks, bags, briefcases or shopping bags unattended in public places.

Tenant insurance

Rented Property Insurance for Tenants

There are a few really good reasons for having tenant insurance. Whether you rent a studio, an apartment or a house you need to protect your personal belongings and the people who live or visit there. If your faulty washing machine starts a fire or your party guests cause damage you may have to pay out a lot of money.

Every day, homes and apartments are broken into, people experience fires, floods, falling objects, theft or happen to have a visitor that gets injured in their home. You might not think that you have much of real value, but what if everything you own was stolen or destroyed and you had to replace them all at once. Rented accommodation insurance protects your laptop, artwork, jewelry, electronic equipments, clothing, furniture, appliances and other possessions against the unexpected.

Expat Point® Relocation Service Center offers and special tenant insurance for Expatriates that rent properties in Mexico. You can protect yourself and your personal belongings with an affordable renter's insurance policy that will offer you peace of mind that you will be covered properly. The policy is easy to get and cover a wide range of risks.