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Safety Tips

Whether you live alone or with family, in a condo or in a single home, it is vital to be cautious to prevent any disturbances or possible robbery. With some basic, but very useful tips you can make some changes and avoid unwanted situations:

  1. Always pretend that someone is at home by turning on some lights and even the radio or the television.
  2. If you are leaving on vacation, ask your neighbor to pick up your mail and make sure you lock correctly windows and doors.
  3. Your valuable objects must be secure always, do not leave them at plain sight and even if you are at home it is better to use a safety box to lock them away.
  4. It is nice to stay in touch with our friends and family, but avoid sharing your location or private plans on social media as anyone could see them.
  5. Have an open communication with your neighbors and your community, this way you will be taking care of each other and are alert of any suspicious behavior around your neighborhood.
  6. Avoid having the same exact schedule every day try to vary some things, for example your arrival time or take different routes home.
  7. Do not open your door or gate to strangers, if they claim to be employees from a service company check with the company first.
  8. Install safety cameras or alarms with a recognized safety company, they will notify you if there is any distrustful activity.


If you return home and notice the door or lock forced, do not enter and call the police immediately. Once they arrive, make an inventory so you know if something is missing and make the proper complaint. If you have insurance, call them right away to initiate the corresponding process.