Relocation Services

Relocation Services

Globalization has changed HR strategies in many corporations by increasing the demand for expatriate to meet specific goals. However, in many cases relocation management requires highly specialized resources, distracting HR personnel from their original purpose.

We release the companies from the responsibility of dealing with the transferee’s personal challenges and adjustment concerns implied by this process, and work in delivering an overall successful ROI for each assignment.

At the same time we lighten most of the stress for the transferee and his family by facilitating their local adaptation in many dimensions from finding the proper new home (scouting the market according to the expressed needs), to helping with the administrative processes (immigration processes and visa requirements) or helping on very practical matters such as opening bank accounts or hiring utilities, among other things.

Divided into five stages ExpatPoint offers a comprehensive suite of Relocation Services to assist HR units to make a smooth transition for their expats, so they can start focusing on their assignment.

Our professional team is prepared to provide effective and cost saving solutions, whilst relieving your company from all organizational concerns.


Relocation Program Management

Whether you need to build a new mobility solution or optimize your current program, turn to Expatpoint for a successful and competitive Relocation. We handle every facet of the global mobility program: budgeting, planning, scheduling, coordination and follow-up.

We build smart and flexible Relocation Programs so that your company can seamlessly Relocate any assignee to Mexico.

  • Soft landing
  • Hospitality management
  • Compensatory strategies
  • Relocation strategies

Pre Assignment Set Up

Your assignees have begun to relocate in Mexico, Getting settled shouldn't be an overwhelming experience. ExpatPoint offers the following packages designed to prepare your assignees for the relocation settling process.
  • Look & See Trip
  • Short term accommodation
  • Airport welcome
  • Procurement of moving services
  • Inmigration Services

Global Assignment Set Up

Your assignees have begun to relocate in Mexico, ExpatPoint offers the following packages designed to settle your assignees fast, with less worries, while covering all their settling needs.

  • Orientation Tour
  • Home Finding Service
  • Utilities Setup
  • Education Assistance
  • Furniture Rentals
  • Shopping Smartly Tours
  • Formalities on Arrival (Driving Licence, Tax Id, Social Security Number)

Ongoing Support

Now that your assigness are settled. ExpatPoint helps your Expat personnel to immerse into local culture, while easing everyday needs.

  • Cross Cultural Support
  • Partner Assitance (Spouse Accompanying Program)
  • Run the House ( Ask the expert)
  • Tours & Activities
  • Security & Safety
  • Lease Tracking & Renewals

Repatriation Support

Whether you assignee is ready to leave Mexico, there are many things that need to be taken care of. Planning you return home is as important as planning your arrival.

Expatpoint offer packages designed to assure a trouble free departure

We build smart and flexible Relocation Programs so that your company can seamlessly relocate any assignee to Mexico.

  • Terminate Lease & Deposit Return
  • Disconnection of utilities
  • Short Term Accommodation
  • Airport Drop Off
  • Procurement of Moving Services ( Moving & Shipping Services)