Rainy season in Mexico City

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24 August, 2017
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1 September, 2017
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Rainy season in Mexico City

Rainy season in Mexico City

Those of us who live in the Capital City of the Mexican Republic have great benefits because we have privileged weather, but when it rains we must take certain precautions.

Mornings can be very sunny, but beware because it will probably rain heavily during the evening or at night, so make sure to carry an umbrella, raincoat, and comfortable shoes.

Don’t forget things can get complicated if the water level raises, so if you’re walking when a heavy storm begins, go to a safe place immediately. If you are driving and get stuck in traffic here are some safety tips:

  • If your car is automatic it is better to cross puddles in first gear, if it is standard then speed up smoothly, but without releasing the clutch.
  • When the water level in the street increases more than 30 centimeters, your best choice is to turn off the car. The same if rainwater enters the exhaust pipe as this could damage the motor.
  • If you try to open the door, but the external water pressure prevents you from doing so, wait for it to lower a little bit and try again. In the event that the situation gets worse, get out through the window (break it if necessary).
  • When in doubt about ponds depth on the road, avoid passing through there.
  • Make sure to close windows properly.

Water can also enter your home, so make sure to keep the strainers clean. If you live in ground floor, sometimes heavy rain can flood your house, so in order to avoid that, remember to open all the gutter covers to allow a stream to run through them.

These security measures will allow you to be safe during the intense rainy season which is usually from July to September.