Mixed Tourism Promotion Fund

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Mixed Tourism Promotion Fund

Mixed Tourism Promotion Fund

The Leisure Industry is an organization from Mexico´s City Government, that implements, advises and finances programs, this organization plans and performs with the only purpose of promoting tourism in our capital city.

Thus it is a good idea to keep in touch with this information and be aware of the different options the city has to offer.

On September 2013, a new organizational structure that allows the fund to easily perform its corresponding functions by law got on the beam. Subsequently, there is a 5-year plan that will end in 2018 and enables the following:

  • To position Mexico City as headquarter for big events and a known receptor for congresses, exhibitions, etc.
  • To promote Mexico City in three basic levels: local, nationwide and international.
  • Boost strategic projects that are both innovative and creative.
  • Expand the cooperation level on the three basic levels.
  • Increase the participation of different sectors (private, social and public) to sponsor our beautiful city.

Considering that the use of smartphones is so common nowadays, here are some links to download electronic books that can be very useful while getting to know the city:


Don´t be afraid to take a stab at everything this gorgeous city has to offer and start exploring it today!

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