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The Mexican Flag

Mexican Flag

As human beings we need a sense of belonging to the country in which we are born and also we need to be able to empathize with others whether being abroad or within the national territory. Mexican history shows us that this feeling has been part of our culture for centuries.

The Mexican flag has had quite a few variations over its creation. It is considered that since1821 our nation ́s insignia had green, white and red (with three vertical stripes of the same size) implemented as national labarum, but back then each color had different meanings from the ones we know now-a-days. Previously, green symbolized the independence of the Spanish Colony, white alluded to the Catholic Church and red represented the merge that existed between America and Europe. Over the time, the religious aspect ceased to exist, when Mexico was consolidated as an independent territory.

Today the Mexican flag is conformed of three colors: green, white and red, and a shield in the middle represented by an eagle devouring a serpent, with the following interpretation: Green stands for the hope we have as a country to build a better state where ideals can be realized. White symbolizes purity, as well as the unity and harmony that must exist among citizens in order to achieve national progress. Red represents the blood spilled in battle by our national heroes in order to make Mexico a free county.

On February 24th, the Mexican flag is venerated with a beautiful singing and military ceremony. If you have a chance to attend its hoisting, you will surely like it. As a fun fact, years ago a Spanish newspaper held a contest throughout the Internet to find the most beautiful flag in the world, and Mexico won first place, followed by Peru and Guatemala.