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Mexican Crafts in Tlaquepaque

If you go to Guadalajara, Jalisco do not miss the chance to visit the beautiful Magical Town of Tlaquepaque as is one of the most important artisanal destinations of the Republic, and its prestige in this field is known worldwide. It is currently the largest craft center in Mexico, where you can find the best products from all over the country in the following varieties:

  • Ceramics: They had achieved a remarkable advancement and perfection in its different branches, such as: burnished or scented ceramics, “canelo” (is named for the color the fired clay turns out, which is various shades of cinnamon), mud flag, veneered, nuance, “petatillo” (palm texture), kaolin, high temperature, and fire. In the region there are natural clays of different colors that can be incorporated to create wonderful handcrafted pieces. In the municipality you will also find Museo de la Cerámica (Ceramics Museum) that shows the history of handicrafts, its different manufacturing processes and the diversity of products and refinements.
  • Equipales (Wicker chairs): This furniture is made with wood, reed, rods and leather. They are classics pieces of Mexican Colonial decor and were born in Tlaquepaque in1930.
  • Glass and Crystal Chandeliers:, crockery and decorative elements can be found in glass or crystal in various colours, textures and cuts. Treatment techniques include: crackled, leaded, opaque or frozen, ironed and crimped.
  • Textiles and Clothing: Yarns for the elaboration of dresses, using fine fabrics of wool, blanket, poplin, gauze and embroideries can be found in many shops.
  • Metal Handicrafts: Sheets and pieces made of tin, brass or copper are forged and to create magnificent objects ranging from useful boxes, key holders or mirrors, to beautiful and complex sculptures.
  • Woodwork Wood handicrafts made with soft wood such as pine, to the finest and toughest as mahogany and even drifting ironwood.

This town is also considered one of the top pottery production spots in the country and is a great place to do your shopping and take home beautiful samples of the Mexican culture of highest quality