Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

Spanish lessons

Lost in Translation - Spanish lessons

Lost in Translation?

Can you imagine handling a car accident or going to the hospital for an emergency and hardly speak the local language? People who provide essential services like the plumber, the gasoline station attendant, the car mechanic, the electrician, or your maid may only speak Spanish. Understanding Spanish is quite important if you plan to truly interact with Mexicans and get the most of your experience in Mexico. There are many reasons why expats should learn Spanish, here are some:

· Investment in learning a second language. You will be able to communicate with over 450 million people in over 20 countries world-wide. Spanish is one of the world's leading and most widely spoken languages.

·Understand the culture. Knowing the language will enable you to have a greater insight of Mexico. You will recognize minor things that make a big difference in the culture that you are now a part of.

Make friends with local speakers. You will get an opportunity to make new friends and integrate easily into society. It's easy to hang around with other expats, but forming friendships with Mexicans will significantly enhance your overseas experience.

Make the most of your experience. Understanding Spanish will definitely save you from unpleasant feeling of not knowing where you are. It'll introduce a new dimension to your travel experience in the country.

Increase your productivity. You will get more done. You will be able to communicate more with your local colleagues, and negotiate with Mexican clients, suppliers, contractors or others upon whom your business success depends.

Increase your chances of employment. Being knowledgeable about a second language can greatly boost your career possibilities and open many doors.

Proven brain benefits of being bilingual. Learning a new language delays dementia, boosts problem-solving skills, improves cognitive skills and creates a faster response time.

How to start?

There is not a one-fit-all solution, the best way to learn the language is to find a programme that works best for you. You can start to learn Spanish using self-study books, language-learning softwares and online courses available. Watching movies, listening to podcasts and reading about the local culture in Spanish are also some of the best ways to build up your fluency and confidence. Once in Mexico, language schools are the first choice for a number of expats. This an interesting way of meeting other expats in a similar situation. There is also the option of having a private teacher come to your office and teach you there. ExpatPoint Services offers Spanish classes tailor-made and held in your office or home contact@meetpoint.com for further information.

Be prepared to make mistakes, some on them even very embarrassing, but never give up you will keep improving gradually. Living abroad is a lifetime opportunity to learn a new language. Being able to understand Spanish will give you a chance to engage in the full experience in Mexico.

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Cross-cultural Support

Settling in – Cross-Cultural Support

Sometimes we try to achieve some goals like losing weight, finding a job, and improving relationships with others. We move forward towards our goal, but suddenly something happen and after a while we realize that we didn’t get what we wanted.

If this is not true, do you remember your last New Year Eve promises? How many of them were achieved?

Achieving our personal and professional goes harder when we move to live in a foreign country - this is a challenge even for those that had lived the experience before.

If you are having a hard time adapting yourself into a new situation or country you can find support from an Expat Life Coach.

Why to get an Expat Life Coach?

1.He will always believe in you, because the Coach knows that you are naturally creative and resourceful person.

2.The Coach it is not an expert in your life, YOU are, so he will trigger all the answers that are already inside you.

3.During Expat transitions many things start to change, including your emotions. The coach will help you seeking your best and to move forward.

4.The Coach will assist you to visualize clear goals and implement an action plan to achieve them.

5.The Coach will help you to discover your strengths to take advantage of them, and recognize your weakness to surpass them.

6.If you find yourself feeling completely overwhelmed with the cultural shock, the Coach will help you to deal with these negative emotions so you can move forward and enjoy your Expat life.

7.Avoid hidden agendas and start the main agenda, yours.

8.You will get the support to “reinvent yourself” into the best of yourself. Get closer to your dreams by using your skills to be happier.

“Coaching is an interactive process that helps individuals and organizations to develop more rapidly and produce more satisfying results. As result of coaching, clients set better goals, take more action, make better decisions and more fully use of their strengths”. Helen Atridge