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Living with roomies

If it is the first time you are sharing an apartment with someone else, here are some useful tips to consider.

Ask for basic information. Since all the contact is primarily through a web platform, it is important that you ask questions like where your roommates work or where they are from, how old they are, etc. This may seem obvious, but some people tend to forget about it.

When meeting your future roommates, be sure to talk about important topics that involve details you have to live on a daily basis, such as cleanliness, waking up and sleeping schedules, having visitors over, whether they have a calm or noisy lifestyle or paying rent and services.

In terms of safety it is okay to get to know the other person but avoid sharing some personal things or even confidential information. It is always better to keep your important belongings locked and stored for protection, do not leave anything unattended.

Make agreements and have some rules around the place, the main point here is that you respect each other. If things are not working out, do not be afraid to say so or even consider changing either roommates or apartment.

Be aware of the contract you sign because it may give you a lot of responsibilities, read every paragraph and make sure you understand everything. Take into consideration the importance of renting an apartment in good conditions and in a safe location. For payments always consider transferring the money instead of giving out cash.

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