Living the Life you Desire

Living the Life you Desire

Personal and Professional coaching

Make the Most of Your Stay – Wellbeing

Coaching NLP

A whole new world with different culture, people and experiences is what you are bound to encounter in Mexico. Immersing yourself in a different country is a great opportunity to redefine and achieve a successful life in new and exciting ways.

Being Expat is a significant step in your personal and professional life, and for this reason, ExpatPoint has made available the Coaching programme to empower people like you to generate an effective, balanced and gratifying experience. Our coaches have the expertise and knowledge to support you in creating the life you desire in Mexico, helping you bridge cultural gaps and create more effective communications and relationships.

Do what you enjoy, live with brightness and create the life you want, so you can feel at home in Mexico.

What are Coaching & the NLP?

The Coaching Programme is different from psychological counseling, mentoring or therapy. The coaching addresses particular personal conditions, relationships and inspirations in your life. The Coach help you discover and get organized what is really most important to you, find answers to eliminate obstacles in your mind, and come up with a concrete set of actions to make your life what you want it to be.

However, it establishes that you are the only expert who truly knows who you are, hence, who can recognize what is absolutely best for you. For this reason, you know the answers to every question or challenge you may have in your life, even if those answers appear to be hidden inside. The Coach simply help you identify what your own personal "best" might be by knowing the right questions to ask and having the right expertise to empower you to find your owns answers.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) blends seamlessly into your life to accelerate your growth by providing unique tools for helping you achieve higher levels of excellence and effectiveness. NLP is an incomparable model for developing influencing skills to change any area of life. NLP will bring you more choice and opportunity by identifying the processes that generate the world's most successful people, and their amazing results. You will certainly identify what you need to achieve your fullest potential.

If you are interested in how to make your life phenomenal to arrange your Coaching session.

Yoga and meditation

Naam Yoga

Es la yoga más efectiva para reestablecer el sistema nervioso. Al trabajar con meditaciones, mudras, respiraciones posturas y ejercicios que trabajan directamente con ciertos órganos y puntos de acupuntura, lograras controlar el estrés que tanto nos afecta hoy en día y así poder llevar una vida plena, feliz y satisfactoria en todos los aspectos. Al trabajar con las respiraciones de Naam Yoga podrás modificar el biorritmo de tu organismo. Con las posturas de Naam Yoga activaras los principales meridianos de la medicina China Tradicional.

Los mudras en Naam Yoga son específicos para sanar ciertos padecimientos y manejar el estrés. Al meditar escucharas mantras específicamente diseñados para eliminar miedos, vivencias que hayan impactado tu vida o para trabajar sobre planes que tengas en el futuro y aprender a manejar todos los cambios que se vayan presentando.

Los maestros de Naam Yoga tienen la capacidad e información necesaria para hacer de la clase de Naam Yoga una práctica específica para cada grupo poniendo ejercicios y meditaciones que requiera el grupo.

No es necesario haber practicado Yoga ni tener flexibilidad, lo único que se necesita es tener la voluntad de hacer un cambio positivo en tu vida.

Costo por sesión $300 MX
Virreyes, Lomas de Chapultepec
Sábado 10 am. Otros horarios disponibles.
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Harmonyum es una terapia de auto sanación a base de transmisión de energía, tus células reciben una gran cantidad de energía. Recibir Harmonyum te ayuda a eliminar padecimientos crónicos, es ideal para manejar el estrés, al recibir Harmonyum tu sistema nervioso se equilibra, te beneficiará en los siguientes aspectos; sueño, energía, vitalidad, estrés, nerviosismo, aceptación y adaptación. También neutraliza la información genética que no te beneficie, te permite adaptarte a los cambios, atrae la buena suerte y te rodearas de personas agradables y te brindará más oportunidades de alcanzar el éxito deseado, entre muchos otros beneficios.

Al estar en un estado relajado podrás tomar decisiones con más serenidad y adaptarte a los cambios. Para recibir Harmonyum no necesitas ropa especial, puedes recibirlo y regresar a tus actividades diarias. Sentirás el cambio desde la primera sesión.

Costo por sesión $1000 MX
Virreyes, Lomas de Chapultepec
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Personal development workshops

Make the Most of Your Stay – Wellbeing

Personal development workshops.

Living abroad with new and exciting experiences brings many choices to you. Take the opportunity to revisit your dreams, plans and aspirations; and discover the best way to live your life as an expatriate. Take some time to listen to your heart to understand how much more gratifying your days would be by living the life of your design.

“Living the Life you Desire” helps you create more effective life strategies, and lead more satisfying lives. The workshop helps you get organized in your priorities, whilst renew passion for happiness and joy.

16 hours - 8 days, 2 hours each.
Available in Spanish and English.

The following Workshops let people shine as they are meant to be, by healing situations and teaching skills so that people can manifest their dreams, objectives and the way they want their life to be. In the same way, our Workshops help you to create more significant and sincere human relationships, as well as fulfilling experiences in Mexico.

Unit I: Co-Create Your Life (6 hours).
Using the Power of Words and Imagination
Visualization –Ideal Situations
Manifesting your Success Positive and Cooperative
Inner Dialog
Commitment with yourself and Others Available in Spanish.

Unit II: Effective Communication

Unit III: Forgiveness

Unit IV: Living in Harmony

Unit V;: Loving Oneself

Unit VI: Family in Harmony

Available in Spanish and English.

Workshop- Understanding and Learning to Enjoy More (10 hours)

For children and teenagers

Acceptance, love and self-respect
Change Adaptation
Learn about every situation
How can I express what I think?
My words are gifts - Communications and
My emotions are colors -
Learn to recognize and deal with my emotions
How can I fulfill my dreams? - Action plans and commitments to myself.

Available in Spanish and English.

“Everything we do is infused with the energy with which we do it. If we’re frantic, life will be frantic. If we’re peaceful, life will be peaceful. And so our goal in any situation becomes inner peace. Our internal state determines our experience of our lives; our experiences do not determine our internal state”.

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Psychological counseling to attend Culture Shock

Make the Most of Your Stay – Psychological counceling to attend culture shock.

Many There are many families who have difficulties that stem from or are related with an expatriation. Loneliness, culture shock, depression, anxiety attacks, relationship issues, feelings of loss to name a few. Of course not only an expatriation may cause these symptoms. Many people wonder why they have got all these anxieties, inhibitions and symptoms, which withhold them from living the life they would like to live. The answer is quite simple: because one has gotten estranged from that which is most of his own; “his desire”. This means his desire to live, to develop new life projects, … Instead of that one got trapped in repetitive patterns and self sabotage. Therefore going in therapy and getting back in touch with one’s desire opens new pathways in life. The result is a strong improvement in the overall quality of life on the social, emotional, and psychological levels.

Karolien Van Diest is a counseling psychologist and a psychoanalyst in training from Brussels, Belgium. She has a US Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. Prior to obtaining her master’s degree, she received a bachelor’s degree in Family Sciences and a second bachelor´s degree in Journalism, both With Great Honours. She is currently engaged in a clinical psychoanalytical training program at the GRUPO MOEBIUS institute.

Apart from her work as a psychologist in a center for mental health and as a guest professor at the Universidad Iberoamericana, she collaborates with the Belgian Foreign Services Department as a psychologist/consultant and she has her own private practice at the MuroAulico+ institute. In addition, she speaks English, Spanish, French and Dutch, and has professional experience in all these languages.

During her studies Karolien specialized both in working with children and with the expatriate community. Having lived in different countries like India, Poland, Belgium and Mexico and being a diplomat's wife, migration and expatriation are themes she is very interested in. Her bachelor's thesis investigated the parenting problems expat families might encounter when moving abroad and she wrote her master's thesis on the subject of play therapy within a multicultural setting.

In her work with young children (-11) who are struggling with issues such as divorce, grief, loss, attachment issues, abuse, neglect, expatriation, family violence, and severe trauma, Karolien uses play therapy. As young children are not yet able to verbalize their problems, this form of therapy follows its own unique therapeutic process which allows children to act out and elaborate psychologically circumstances that are scary, confusing, or bothersome to them.

Karolien Van Diest, M.A.
Counseling Psychologist & Psychoanalyst (in training)
US / European - trained. Children, adolescents, adults.

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