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Kids vs Jetlag

Kids vs Jetlag


Help your baby tell the difference between night and day by following the next steps:

  • Keep all the curtains closed and try to keep the noise down at night.
  • Keep your regular activities through the day, even though your baby falls asleep. Be patient, your little one will not be able to take a proper nap for a few days.
  • Make sure your baby takes his nap at the regular time of his new schedule.
  • This steps might sound easy but your baby probably is going to take several days to get use to the new routine and might not take this change nicely. Be patient and stick to your plan, at the end it is going to be worth it.


The best thing you can do with toddlers is physical activity. Wear you kids out through the day and progressively help them adapt to their new bed time.

You must expect them to wake up at midnight at the beginning, but don´t worry, this is going to change along with their new daily routine.

They are probably going to feel hungry at odd hours too. Have some healthy snacks around for them to eat between meals, but don’t change your main meal schedule.