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20 June, 2018
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ExpatPoint Relocation Services will listen carefully to your needs and preferences. Our team will screen prospective properties carefully so you visit only those properties in accordance with your needs and company policies. Your Relocation Officer will be with you at the time of selecting a house or apartment and throughout the lease negotiation, thus you have a trustworthy experience. Nonetheless, please keep in mind the following recommendations:


  • Prioritize: Discuss with your family and prioritize your housing needs and wants.


  • Research about the City and its Neighborhoods: Take advantage of your Look and See Trip and read carefully the Orientation Guide provided by ExpatPoint Relocation Services to evaluate which are the areas suitable for your family and yourself.


  • Make a Good Impression: When dealing directly with landlords, they tend to judge whether or not they want you to rent the property during their first meeting with you. That’s why we suggest you to arrive on time, dress neatly, and behave appropriately.


  • Ask Questions: The more questions you ask ahead of time the less likely it is that there will be misunderstandings.


  • Keep Two or Even Three Possibilities Open: Making lease agreements in Mexico is a lengthy process. Your first choice may not always be negotiable, so always keep two or even three possibilities open. Good houses and apartments go fast.


  • Ensure that all your Requirements and Requests are stated in the Letter of Intent (LOI): Once a property has been chosen, a written offer must be made to the landlord. A Letter of Intent is a letter proposing your intention to lease and your requirements to the landlord. Ensure that all your requests are stated in the Letter of Intent clearly.


  • Read and Understand Every Aspect of the Lease: No two leases are identical. Try to read and understand every aspect of your lease because later misunderstandings can be costly. The obligations and responsibilities of both tenant and landlord vary from those you may be used to.