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Happy Eco-Christmas!

The holiday season has arrived, that beautiful time of the year to spend time with our loved ones and really appreciate the things we have around us. This is why, among the amazing gifts and delicious food there always is, we could add our planet´s well-being too.  As we know, one of the most important decoration for this magical season is and will always be, the beautiful Christmas tree, even though the consequences of having one at our homes are quite huge.

We all know ecologically speaking that our world is really suffering, and if we have the opportunity to make a small difference, let´s make the most of it! So why not instead of buying natural trees, you rent them? Think about it, a real one stays a couple of weeks at home and then goes to the trash. However, if you lease it, you will still have a beautiful ornament with great smell but when the festivities are over, it will return to a forest.

Here are some options to be eco-friendly and enjoy Christmas:

  • Viveros Amecameca: pines and fir trees available on flower pots, sizes vary from 1.80 to 1.90 meters. Prices ranges from $1,800 to $1,900 including delivery and pickup. https://www.facebook.com/arbolitonavidadvivo/
  • Green Go Mexico: Douglas fir and oyamel trees, with the option to keep them and plant them in your house or have them picked up until January for reforestation. Prices ranges from $325 to $1490. https://www.facebook.com/greengomex/
  • Ecoparque San Pedro: with a wide variety of 70,000 trees for you to pick one. If you return it to the nursery garden they provide free entries to the park so you can visit its labyrinth. Prices from $1,900 including delivery and pickup. https://www.facebook.com/ARBOLES-DE-NAVIDAD-EN-MACETA-152291538188042/

Let´s keep Christmas trees alive where they belong, their life help with so many things like providing oxygen, flora and fauna conservation, soil restoration and so much more!