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Famous Historic Buildings

Mexico has many beautiful buildings that have lasted for centuries, which make them very unique and at the same time, famous.

Within the Historical Center is the Metropolitan Cathedral, built approximately in 250 years, since the work began in 1524 and it was until 1813 that its facade was finished. It has baroque, renaissance and neoclassical elements. Despite having undergone changes over time by fire, sinking, etc. it is worth visiting for its imposing view. Moreover, you will be able to find guided tours which can help you understand the amazing history behind its walls.

Considering that you are already in Downtown, remember to admire the Postal Palace, it is considered an artistic monument for its detailed decoration and the architecture that makes it so special. It has an interesting library and it offers scheduled activities.

Walking around the streets nearby, is the Latin American Tower, a construction which by 1956 was the largest skyscraper with glass exterior in a seismic area, in fact, it has resisted every earthquake in the city. It has a viewpoint, library and a restaurant 120 meters above the ground.

The Palace of Fine Arts is an emblematic place dedicated to all the manifestations of art. Inside the main room, you can see a fireproof curtain made out of more than one million pieces of glass and it has an image of the volcanoes from Mexico.  It offers guided tours, exhibitions, concerts, etc., so remember to include it during your trip.

 The Monument to the Revolution, which is relatively close to your route, is characterized by its copper dome. The original idea was for it to be the Legislative Palace venue, but that did not happen. Nowadays is a good idea to visit its observatory through its glass elevator. They offer guided tours with prior booking.

You must take into account that this whole area is very crowded so make sure to wear comfortable footwear and arrive early so you can get to know all the sites.