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The Expat Wife

The Expat Wife

The role of an expat wife is much more complex than people assume, even more, if she also is a mother.

She must get involved in each aspect of the new living country, from the most important matters like, choosing the best school and education for their kids, a new place to live, meet supermarkets, the operation of public services, to the least important but still important, which is to start making new friends and if it it´s the case, learn a new language.

To make the task easier and to succeed in most aspects as possible, it is important to be advised from an experienced relocation company. They will know how to guide her in the  best opportunities for her family.

After a few weeks of being “organized”, the husband is going to work and the children to school and she will spend lots of hours of a great loneliness.

To avoid the feeling of desolation and take advantage of the free time, she will learn about the country, the city, the neighborhood or she can restart pending studies, start classes of local cooking, and make a hobby. Surely she will enjoy meeting new people and she will find her new best friend that will help her to feel at HOME again.


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