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Driving in Mexico City

Driving in Mexico City

It is strongly recommended to first get an introduction to driving rules in Mexico City.

Here you can find some basic driving tips:


  • The use of the honk is very common. It is usually used to alert others when passing an intersection without stopping, frustration and encourage others to move faster.
  • Since the city is huge a navigation App, such as “WAZE” is very good to avoid traffic jams.
  • If you get lost you can ask people with great knowledge in the city like taxi drivers.
  • Never leave your car unattended in the street; preferably leave it with valet parking when visiting a restaurant or bar, and make sure not to leave valuable belongings in it.
  • If a valet parking is not available, use a parking lot or parking garage – they have reasonable rates of $25-35 pesos per hour and guarantee security.
  • Otherwise, use the parking meters which have been installed in streets like Polanco, Condesa, and Roma Norte; make sure to pay the fee to avoid any fine.
  • In Mexico it is very common to find a guy who offers help to watch over your car, they are call “Viene-viene” because that´s what they repeat to help you parking; when they stop saying those words or hit the rooftop hard, make sure to break before hitting the other car. Make sure to tip them when you leave.

Mexico City is very likely to floods and traffic jams so try to keep calm and take your preventions while driving during a storm.