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Dia de la Madre

For the past 95 years, Mother’s Day has been celebrated in Mexico on May 10th. It All began on April 13, 1922 with a nationwide call made by Excelsior (Mexican newspaper) to choose a special date to honor women who gave life.

May was chosen for being the month devoted to Virgin Mary, and the 10th because back then, workers were paid every ten days. Every guild supported the idea, so that same year Mother’s Day was held for the first time.

The celebration acquired such importance that it became kind of a holiday in the country, to the point that on May 10, 1949 “Monumento a la Madre” (Monument to Mother) was inaugurated in Mexico City. It is a tradition to honor moms since the early morning of that special day with serenades. It is also customary for children to make presents and perform dances or theatrical performances at school.

People flood the streets in search of the perfect gifts for Mom, which go from appliances, “to remind her that she is the head of the household”, clothing, beauty products, cellphones, perfumes or jewelry.

Others buy flowers (especially roses) and many go out to have lunch or dinner, so it is important to make reservations several days in advance, in addition to leave with plenty of time, as traffic becomes very heavy.

Since May 10th is not always on a weekend, some companies let their people work part-time (only for the special occasion) so they can leave early to go celebrate and some enterprises give a small present to women with children.

Mother’s Day in Mexico could be considered one of the most important festivities after Christmas, because it is when families gather to pay homage to those who are the most important figure in our society