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15 August, 2018
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Casa Reyna – Puebla

Chiles en Nogada season has arrived and what better place to taste them than Puebla, the state of the Mexican Republic where this dish was invented by Augustinian nuns of the Convent of Santa Monica, to celebrate both Mexico´s independence and Emperor Agustín de Iturbide´s Saint Day.

Without a doubt, a venue where to try this delicious course is Boutique Hotel Casa Reyna, as its restaurant is considered among the top 25 in Mexico and Puebla. Puebla’s State Government chose it as one of the most prestigious places for foreigners and locals to enjoy this exquisite seasonal delicacy.

Casa Reyna’s concept encompasses cooking from Puebla´s old cuisine as well as some new Mexican cuisine, always based on ingredients used since yesteryear. The inn also serves typical dishes such as escamoles (edible larvae), gusanos de maguey (maguey worms), huitlacoche (corn smut), nopales (prickly pears), mole de caderas (goat hip stew) and their famous chiles en nogada (stuffed poblano chiles drizzled with walnut sauce and pomegranate fruit). To prepare them they use the original walnut recipe that was first presented to Emperor Iturbide.

Its bar specializes in tequila and mezcal but also has the widest range of wines in the city, emphasizing its selection on Mexican labels.

Casa Reyna´s Restaurant is considered an icon of authentic Puebla’s cuisine. It is a must during your visit and a great experience for those who enjoy food with real homemade flavor, abundant portions, ingredients of the highest quality and freshness, excellent service and a great atmosphere.

Also, Talavera de la Reyna and Casa Reyna are sister companies, so their guests have the chance to visit their talavera (majolica pottery) workshop, experience its manufacturing process from scratch, and if they wish, even participate in the creation of a piece of their own.