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14 May, 2018
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Aguas frescas

Among non-alcoholic Mexican beverages are “aguas frescas” (fresh waters) also called “aguas de sabor” (flavored waters). The colorful glass barrels where they are kept are a visual attraction, which becomes irresistible during the hot season. A feature of this delight that Mexicans enjoy the most, is that it is a very natural drink as it is made with fresh water, fruit, sugar and ice, no flavoring powder or syrup added.

These beverages are not to be found anywhere else on the planet as the climatic benefits of our country favors the cultivation of a great variety of fruits. Some of the most requested flavors are: tamarind, horchata and hibiscus, although you may also find mixes such as cucumber and lemon, strawberry and watermelon or pineapple and coconut.

It is highly recommended not to buy these drinks from street vendors (unless someone who has try them tells you it is safe) as you cannot ensure that they are made with clean water.  However, there are many places in the city such as restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream parlors and juice bars where you can get them. Their freshness will take away the heat and literally leave you a delicious taste:

Tortas y Aguas La Delicia: flavors change each season which guarantees they are 100% natural.
Where:  Prado Norte 403, Lomas de Chapultepec

Frutos Prohibidos:  they serve 14 ounces glasses and also manage their flavors by season.
Where: Río Lerma 232, Cuauhtémoc.

Antojitos Yucatecos Los Arcos: they have several flavors, but the star there is horchata.
Where: Florencia 43, Juárez

Jugos Caro: Open 24 hrs.
Where: Sonora 209, Hipódromo.

Ojo de Agua: the concept of this place is a traditional juice bar, but with a chic atmosphere. Where: Horacio 522, Polanco

La Michoacana: ice cream parlor chain also distinguished by their “aguas frescas”. Where: There are stores all over the city.