About us

About Us

Expatpoint, a growing and multilingual team, composed of local and international talents of over 8 different nationalities, works on offering tailored relocation services befitting our clients’ needs.

With diverse backgrounds in the Relocation, Human Resources, Hospitality, Law, Economy, Finance, and PR sectors, as well as personal expatriation experiences, our consultants are able to empathize and provide effective solutions regarding domestic and international assignments.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction forces us to constantly adapt and evolve in order to deliver smart and flexible solutions that suit both the employer and the transferee.

Our main offices in Mexico City , San Luis Potosi , and Guadalajara are strategically located to fullfil your needs.
In order to deliver customized services of the highest quality, our customer-centric business is based on solid alliances and networks.

Strategic partnerships with:

° Global, National and Local Relocation companies
° Furniture Rental, Migratory, Real Estate and Removal companies

Strategic relationships with:
° Schools and Universities
° International networks & associations
° Governmental entities
° Business incubators
° Entrepreneur Magazine

Our Clients

As part of our regular clientele, we are proud to count over 30 major international companies from various sectors.

We also assist various Embassies and Consulates on several accounts and act as Destination Services Providers for mayor Global Relocation Companies.

Finally, we work closely with the Expatriates to provide them on-going advice, guidance and support, on a personal and professional level.

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Audit & Consultancy
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