3 Steps to Help your Kid Adapt to a New Country

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3 Steps to Help your Kid Adapt to a New Country

3 Steps to Help your Kid Adapt to a New Country

When moving out of our country its natural to leave some habits and routines behind and get ready for a fresh tomorrow. Change might be very helpful for our family if it’s about improving our habits and costumes, nevertheless, parents must be aware of an essential characteristic of childhood. Children like routine. It makes them feel comfortable, it helps them develop good habits and overall it makes them feel safe because they are doing what they already know.

Moving to another country, it’s by itself, a big change for everyone, keeping your regular habits and routines as much as you can, will help the family dynamic. Adapt your old routine to your new location, make sure your children´s school is as much alike as the old one and invite your kids to continue with their afternoon activities and try to keep your family time as similar as you can.

Probably during your transition process, you are going to face new activities and schedules that you are not going to be able to avoid, let your family know about them and try to work something out.

Here are 3 recommendations:

1.- Stay positive

Make some research on some places that may be interesting for you and your kids and plan to visit them when you are already settled, in your final destination. Keeping a good attitude will help creating a safe and trusty environment besides keeping your kids excited about their new home.

2.- New life new hobbies

Looking for some afternoon activities near you in which your kids may participate (sports, art, theater, cooking, workshops, courses etc.) may help them make new friends more quickly and feel safe in their new home. You may also ask in your kids´ school for the afternoon activities they offer.

3.- Effective communication
As parents is very important to understand the multiple emotions your kids may experience when moving to another country. Your best choice, for this and any similar cases, will be to listen to what they need to say and be aware of any possible problem they´re keeping to themselves. Help your kids accept and embrace their feelings and lead them through solving their problems.

Children live by example we all know this. In such manner that if they can see that you enjoy the process leading up to your international assignment, it is very likely that they will be positive about it too.

The years that you spend overseas can be very beneficial in different matters for your children, for instance, exposure to languages, knowing about different cultures and religions and an ability to adapt to difficult situations will give them an opportunity to have many doors open later in life.